Regional Groups

The Kentucky River Basin is big! It covers about 7,000 square miles and includes about 16,000 miles of river and streams.

It also includes all or part of 41 Kentucky counties within varying physiographic regions, from the Appalachian Plateau and Cumberland Mountain Regions in the southeastern part of the basin to the Knobs and Inner and Outer Bluegrass regions as you move northward toward the river's confluence with the Ohio River.

Of course, this land area also includes a wide range of land use types and population densities (both human and livestock!). These characteristics and more directly affect the water quality in the unique subwatersheds of the greater Kentucky River Basin.

With these factors in mind and in our interests to best address sampler interests and water quality needs, we plan to hold regional discussion sessions in 2022 to:

  • Review noteworthy sampling results in the region

  • Discuss regional water quality goals and priorities

  • Identify some key partners who may be able to help

  • Develop a strategy for recruiting greater sampling participation and engagement

Regional leaders will be reaching out to samplers in their areas to schedule a time for these virtual meetings. We hope that you are able to participate and increase the effectiveness of Watershed Watch in your area.